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Website/Domain Solutions

CENTRAPLEX Solutions offers the following services to help your business get online FAST:

  • Find & buy your Website name.
  • Make your ownership information Private instead of the default that makes it visible to the Public.
  • Create your Website using WordPress.
  • Host your Website on either a traditional hosting plan or a Managed WordPress plan.
  • Custom Email addresses.
  • SSL Security Certificate.
  • Marketing packages.
  • Shopping Carts.

Visit CENTRAPLEX Solutions and get started today!

Health & Wellness

I have several options to choose from for improving your overall Health & Wellness.

  • Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Pain Management

More details on each of these can be found on my Third Rock Wellness site.


Your Mindset has a huge impact to your overall wellbeing, including physically.

Your thoughts and beliefs directly impact your decisions in life. These beliefs are based on the input into your mind.

What if the input has been flawed – without you knowing it? Just like a computer program, your output is only as good as the input entered.

Would you like to improve what your mind is using to make decisions? How about doing it in just 3-minutes? Impossible you say. Not at all. In fact, with this amazing tool, it has been scientifically proven to work.

Even better, would you like to get this unique tool for FREE?

Discover more by visiting the Mindset page on Actualize Your Full Potential.

Life Coaching/Personal Development

I am a Intuitive Life Coach.
I also offer Personal Development courses & workshops.

Have you been stuck and not able to reach your desired goals? Remember the definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing and expecting different results.”
Many times you just need a little help & guidance. Someone that is impartial and able to help you work through your options and identify the steps you should take.

Did you know that all successful people have coaches/mentors?  I can help you. Let’s talk.

Click here to Schedule your FREE Discovery Call.

Additional Income

Do you have multiple sources of income? If not, why not? Maybe you didn’t know where to start or what options were available.

There are 2 types of income: Active & Passive.
Active income requires you to actively do something to generate income, such as a job.
Passive income makes you money without you repeatedly doing something, such as royalties or rental property.

Passive income is also known as Residual income. This type of income is what can provide the lifestyle & freedom you desire.

I have some great legal & ethical opportunities for those who:

  1. Have an open mind.
  2. Are teachable and willing to be mentored.
  3. And are willing help others along the way.

If this is you, we need to talk. 
Contact me on Barnes Unlimited.